Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sunny Taupo

Last year our camping week in Taupo was drenched in glorious sunshine. This year not so much. Despite the forecast, we went ahead with our camping trip anyway. It was dry when we put the tent up, but pretty soon looked like this:
After a day and a half of constant driving rain, the waterproofing on the fly gave up the ghost, and it started dripping inside the tent. Bailing out was briefly discussed, but instead we put the tent into stealth mode by way of a passive waterproofing augmentation device obtained from a local hardware store:
Just after we put the tarp up the sun came out for a couple of hours (long enough to dry out the tent and sunburn my feet), resulting in scenes like this all over the camp.
And as they do, despite the frustration of their parents not being able to do all the cool outdoorsy things they had planned (apart from occupy the pool), the kids made their own fun in the wet anyway.


Maureen said...

Ahh, rain... it happens. Good for you for sticking it out!

Off-Black said...

Yeah, it was a bit fraught for a couple of days, but with the tent dried out and the tarp keeping it that way we were back in the game. Also meant we spent more time in the pool (you're wet anyway right). Sitting in a heated pool in torrential rain is fun.