Monday, November 07, 2011

Letterbox malfunction

Awoke on Saturday morning to find we were having some trouble with our droid letterbox. The "Where the feck is it?" kind:
It was definitely there on Friday evening when we came home. Surmising that "some p***k has nicked it!" (pretty much a direct quote), we resigned ourselves to searching the neighbourhood for our beloved sentinel. We didn't have to go far. It was on the doorstep, somewhat worse for wear:
We can only surmise that some passing enthusiastic young ruffian/scallywag took a shine to it (and who wouldn't, it is a damn pragmatically sexy letterbox) in the middle of the night and decided to have their vandalous way with it. Presumably it then got tossed aside before some kind neighbour found and returned it. It wouldn't have been hard to figure out where it came from, being now the only house on the street sans postal device.

Naturally in the way of these things, it required complete disassembly before we could rebuild better and stronger six-million-dollar-letterbox style. Fixing the loose flap in particular was something we had been meaning to do for a while anyway.
The glass of sav isn't a compulsory piece of DIY carpentry repair equipment, but does make the job more enjoyable on a nice spring evening.

And a bit of hammering, screwing, levering, drilling and nailing later we had it back at it's post.
I tempted to line it with sheet steel to make it a bit more vandal proof (and maybe some electrification, but that might annoy the posties a bit, and posties aren't people you want to annoy), but Fi and I opted for the logistically easier option of bigger nails instead.


Maureen said...

Haha! Very cute mailbox.

missrabbitty said...

so the whipper snappers (as they probably are) did you a favour as they gave you an incentive to repair your box...nice post.

Off-Black said...

Yup. We are working on a "GET OFF MY LAWN!" sign next :)