Sunday, May 22, 2011

You're spelling "Wellywood" wrong

It should be spelt "C-r-e-a-t-i-v-e P-r-o-c-e-s-s F-a-i-l".

So after a furore last year that I blogged about here, here and here, and a 'putting on hold' and 'consideration of other ideas', imbecilicly Wellington International Airport Limited has returned and announced it will go ahead with exactly the same freaking idea that caused the re-think in the first place.

The stupid. It burns.


Jon B said...

Amen brother.

Jethro said...

Build it!

Wellingtonians and Kiwis in general just love a good bitch.

It will generate money and interest in the capital.
New Zealand is poor and no one even knows where Wellington is. Tourism is a great source of income and it will generate massive amounts of publicity.

Get over yourself and start helping make NZ wealthy instead of moaning and holding us back!

Off-Black said...

@ Jethro.

Points noted, but it isn't about moaning for the sake of it or holding anyone back. It is all about the way Wellington International Airport Limited has conducted this process, with no consultation and ignorance of feedback. With this sign they would effectively be re-branding the city with a name that most residents don't use, and represents only a very small part of what the city is about, all for the sake of increasing their own profits first and foremost. They had a great opportunity to engage the public and put something genuinely creative up there that hasn't been done many times before but blew it. Twice. I am actually indifferent to a sign going up there in principle, but if something is going up it should at least be more creative than something that is at best a joke that circulated close to a decade ago. The airport doesn't get this.