Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just because it's there it doesn't mean you have to shoot it

So a party of five Norwegians came to New Zealand, went on a hunting trip, and shot some endangered species (link).


Aside from their ignorance and arrogance at coming here and assuming anything they see is fair game, shooting a Kereru on a branch is just fricking lazy. I could hit a Kereru on a branch with a stone if I wanted, given how large and slow moving they are when not flying. Hitting one with a rifle is hardly a display of awesome hunting skills and marksmanship (unless you throw the rifle at it).


Maureen said...

What I can't believe is those geniuses actually put up YouTube videos.

Off-Black said...

I'll allow they probably didn't know what they were shooting at, but they are still he-men idiots rather than hunters I'd respect.