Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Then and now

The house we lived in when we lived in Rotorua, ca. early 1982. (click to enlarge)

The HQ Holden Kingswood (wiki) on the forecourt wasn't ours (it belonged to a family friend). The white XD Falcon (wiki) and the brown Mazda 929 (wiki) on the left were our cars. The Falcon was dad's company car (I think, I was 5 at the time), and had spotlights on the mounted on the front. This made it the coolest car ever (so cool not even having its windscreen shattered on a trip to Tauranga (again I think; I remembered the road it happened on when I traveled it last year) could dent its aura. It was a cool house. Very modern (the house on the left was built while we lived there), and spacious and fun for a kid to live in. Having a farm across the road to play on helped as well. I remember it being topdressed once by one of these (link). We were at the end of one of its passes and I thought it was going to hit our roof. The letterbox was an enormous and sturdy consruction of stained driftwood, sturdy enough for me to sit on with no problems except for my parents telling me to get down.

And the same house in February 2009. The cars have changed, the letterbox is long gone, the farm was subdivided years ago and is now covered in houses. It's still my house though.

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missrabbitty said...

hmmm...missing chimneys and added power lines...interesting.