Monday, December 07, 2009

Scientists have cooler toys

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How to make Ice Cream the quick and easy way:

First, gather your ingredients (milk, cream, sugar, vanilla etc):

Measure and add the ingredients to a suitably sized container, and mix until uniform.

Then dispense your Liquid Nitrogen:
Carefully add the nitrogen to the mix. Avoid splashing:
Mix until uniform:
Then serve!:
Should take about five minutes or so.

Tastes better when made in the prescence of a sweet/lolly cannon:


Maureen said...

That's funny, we were just looking to see how much an ice cream maker costs over the weekend. They're expensive! Now, if only I could get myself some liquid nitrogen. Unfortunately I'm not that kind of scientist. Bummer.

R said...

Love this post. Where's my icecream?

Jessica said...

Umm...have you met my husband? His name is science nerd and I think you just showed me the most awesome Christmas present. Ever.