Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So anyway, 377 posts later

Listening to: So - Peter Gabriel

Amongst all the business lately, the three year blogiversary of this humble portal passed almost unnoticed. Actually, it was unnoticed, hence this is a belated marking of the anniversary.

Here is the first post, linked for posterity linklinklink

Its not an understatement to say the past three years have seen a lot of changes in my life, most of which have been remarked upon here at some point, some of which haven't. When I started this thing Fi and I had been married for 18 months, and were living in a rented house in Waiwhetu. Now we have been married for four and a half years, and live in our own house in Kelson, with a nearly nine month old daughter. I've changed jobs twice, seen a lot of new things, and enjoyed the old familiar things. There have been good and great experiences, as well as ones I'd rather not have had.
Trying to translate everything into sensible text has been a difficult task at times, but always an enjoyable challenge. Having so many inspirations to draw from in the form of friends (some of them fellow bloggers) and experiences helps.

So anyway, to all the regular readers, the new ones, the occasional ones, and even the random ones who will arrive here after googling Peter Gabriel albums, thanks for reading and making this thing worthwhile.


d3vo said...

Nice work! At this point your readership is clearly earned :-)

strong light said...

Noice post.

Morgan said...

happy birthday, blog!

Janet said...

Congrats on your blog reaching age 3, and may it have many more years of prolific posting ahead!

Dan said...

Nice one, Sam. Glad to be here with you.

kiwilauren said...

Happy blogiversary!