Friday, November 07, 2008

Billboard Fail

On the eve of the election, I feel compelled as many others have to comment on the state of our electoral billboards.
Why are they so rubbish?

Labour sticks with the same boring billboard they have been using since forever. Ironic that while the campaign slogan says that this one's about trust, they don't trust the electorate to deal with a photo of the party leader that hasn't been heavily and obviously manipulated.
National's leader on the other hand could probably use a little retouching. Or a hairstyle.

The other National billboards are a little better, at least showing a little imagination, and gasp! some policy!
Again uninspiring although Mark gets props for standing on the side of Kennedy Good Drive on Tuesday with a couple of helpers waving his own sandwich board like he was selling pizza.

The only party that has remotely incentivised me to consider voting for them after seeing their biilboard is the Greens, in an excellent campaign that has already been much commented on.

Happy voting tomorrow!

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